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In the middle of the countryside and nature, and only thirty minutes from Barcelona, there is the cottage of Can Burgues, in the town of Santa Eulalia de Ronçana within the region of Vallès Oriental.
The family of Can Burguès make their living mainly from the gathering of Hazel-nuts and in the harvest of cereals however they also keep free-range chickens and laying hens and cultivate some fruits and vegetables and in addition you can enjoy a choice selection of driedfruits and nuts.

In winter the Hazel-nut fields give a small harvest of Truffles unearthed with the help of specially trained friendly dogs.
Can Burguès is near all main routes to all points of the country and very close to the main cities, but it is situated in a quiet and rural area, therefore is the best place to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in a pleasant green country-side where you may appreciate interesting nature-walks and spend your free time in an enjoyable and interesting way.
In the nearby area there are a number of places of historical interest well worth the visit and like-wise the gastronomic selection traditional to the area offers an attractive and varied menu.

Commitment to the environment

The pruning of the hazelnut trees yields a large quantity of branches, which after shredding, together with the nutshells, are the fuel which we use for the heating system.

Because we want to respect the environment, we use renewable energy in the running of the house. We have installed sun screens to obtain hot water for the bathroom and to heat the water in the swimming pool.


08187 Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana
Barcelona · Catalunya (Spain)


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