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Can Burguès has 24 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of organic hazelnut (hazelnut coryllus), spread in different fields, of different ages and different varieties.

There are areas where hazelnuts are over fifty years old and others that have been planted recently. Approximately half of the trees of the variety are bold. To encourage pollination there are other varieties, most traditional or indigenous.

Because we respect the environment we have recently opted for organic farming system, also called biological or organic, with the aim of obtaining natural products, high quality, healthy and good taste. Organic farming does not use synthetic chemicals such as hormones, pesticides, mineral fertilizers… So do not harm useful fauna and avoid risks to human health because it does not generate chemical waste that can accumulate in the soil and fruit.

Organic farming does not work with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In 2007, after three years of being in restructuring have obtained organic certification granted by the Catalan Government. From this moment our organic hazelnut is already in effect.

Organic Hazelnut | Agrotourism Can Burguès

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Agrotourism Can Burguès, Registre Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

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