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Welcome to Can Burguès, country-life only 30 minutes from Barcelona.

Enjoy tourism and agriculture in family

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Can Burguès is a “Masia”, the name given to the traditional Catalan style country farm-house. Can Burguès dates back to the 13th century, and has been always handed-down from father to son. Today the farm still preserves its original structure and rustic style forged over the years. The house has become a point of important historical reference within both the village and the county.

Can Burguès is a family run farm dedicated principally to the production of organic hazelnuts. Additionally, we also grow other smaller crops such as wheat, vegetables and fruit orchards, which he guests have the opportunity to try, and we also have a small amount of farm animals such as goats, pig, and chickens.

Situated in the town of Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, in the County of El Valles Oriental, 30 minutes from the city of Barcelona, the house is ideally suited for a country getaway, far from the city bustle, however, it is located near a main throughway that provides easy access to the tourist attractions in the area.

Our cottage offers our guests a tranquil and peaceful environment in a beautiful countryside setting.  There are a variety of activities that our guests can partake of including, hikes, exploring the surroundings by bike, and relaxing by the pool.  We try to ensure that our guests enjoy their stay with us, and we are always willing to help and offer advice on the local attractions in the area.

Family Margenat

Family Margenat ready for picking organic hazelnut
Family Margenat ready for picking organic hazelnut

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Agrotourism Can Burguès, Registre Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

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